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    Hi Support Team,

    I have a few concerns as I just purchased Paralax and noticed that it is not a complete "ready to go" theme.

    My full content zip file contained the "Documentation", "Licensing" info, the "Paralex" theme content, and the photoshop files with a folder called "Paralex_PSD".

    Upon uploaded the "Paralex" folder into my WP themes, and activating it, my first error was a php error complaining that it could not find "/plugins/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php" which is required to load the "Layer Slider" plugin.

    I managed to located via google, the class-tgm-plugin-activation.php class file from the source website tgmpluginactivation.com. When I put that file in place, I managed to get a step further.

    WP notified me that I should now install the "Layer Slider" plugin. I clicked the button and came across a new error suggesting that it could not find the URL path to "layersliderwp.zip". After some investigation, I noticed that the theme contained its own "plugins" folder with a subfolder called "LayerSlider". I decided to zip this folder into "layersliderwp.zip" and remove the existing folder. I then refreshed, and tried again to install the plugin as suggested by WP, and it worked (unzipped the file) and then I activated the plugin.

    My concern is that the "layersliderwp.zip" file was not present and the contents was already unzipped (which made the auto-installation confused). Also my other concern was that I had to go and find the class file for the tgm plugin activation.

    I'd like to bring these issues to your attention as it may prove problematic to resolve for the "average" WP administrator/user.

    Kind Regards,


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