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  • qhatu
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    Hi guys how are you?

    We just bought your theme (AVERON) because you told us you can help us customizing the top bar and menu. As we said on the pre-sales questions:

    We need to create a website for an investor presentation. The site doesn’t need to be functional and it only needs to have this layout on the top header and menu:

    If we choose your template, could you help us customize it according to the description? We can give you the images/texts just to put them on the right place. They don’t need to work. We only need help with the top bar and menu. The rest of the site we can handle it.

    We are just creating the look & feel of the site, but it needs to be as it is on the layout. Please let us know asap. Thanks


    Please let us know how to proceed. We would like to setup everything asap.


  • Eldo
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