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  • masconcable
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    We've built our site using a subdomain like newsite.domain.com and are now in the stage of taking the new site LIVE.

    Renaming the domain in WP has been done so the site works on the new domain now however all the links used in the page templates Services still have the old domain.

    It looks like the links for those are all contained in themeple_options_iBusiness table in the database. But editing that directly OR using a SQL statement to replace "olddomain" with "newdomain" seems to cause the site to revert back to using "dummy data". As in lines are actually added to the top of that table referencing the dummy data. We can easily restore from backup and its back to normal again but using the old domain of course.

    To work around this we can physically change each link in the page manager but as there are loads of pages this will be very time consuming.

    We also tried using several find/replace WP plugins but none seem to want to touch that particular field.

    Do you have any suggestions for having all those links updated in a few easy clicks of the mouse?

  • Eldo
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