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  • patrickcines
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    I know that updates are no longer provided for the Apenines theme, but I do have a question. I have a two different websites that use the Apenines theme. One was put built a while ago, but I am using the same theme now for a different website. On the first website, I was able to get the menu bar too show up on the same line as the header logo.

    1. Do you know how I can do that? (See: http://imgur.com/MgKJvN9 )

    Also, I've noticed that the KODDE framework doesn't work properly on the newer website. Only the first menu (Theme Options) of the KODDE framework shows up. On the previous website, I'm able to see the others like styling, header, footer, etc. I've also tried to uncheck the "sticky menu option" in multiple browsers, but for some reason it isn't working properly and cannot be switched off.

    2. How can I get the other KODDE menus to show up and make the menu unstuck? (See: http://imgur.com/tRK7Pv4 )


  • Eldo
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