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34 widgets disappear AGAIN after theme update

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  • jazzsocialmedia
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    I just updated Ausart again, and my widgets on pages all disappeared again. I reported this last time, and Eldo just said that wasn't true.

    I am SICK of being an unpaid Beta tester for the Ausart theme. Doesn't Envato thoroughly check themes before they are released? This theme is NOT ready for prime time.

    I started in the end of January, and the problems I've had with the theme are endless. My clients just today sent me a screen shot of their front page and ALL of the icons are gone. This is ridiculous!

    Because of losing the widgets, not only do I have to take the site down to update it, now it will take me 2 hours to get it working again.

    I believe that I should be a paid Beta tester for Ausart. If nothing else, I should be refunded my money. I WILL be going to a different company for premium themes now, one that tests their themes.

    I am extremely disappointed in Envato's products. Ausart is a beautiful theme, but what does that matter if it doesn't work? It wasn't ready for tablets as advertised. I couldn't create a beautiful website in 1 minute as advertised!!!!!!! I have no confidence that the site will continue to work.

    This is scary bad.

  • Eldo
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